SUPER HEROES – Legendary masks for ultimate skin


Discover how beautiful your skin can be at its healthiest, most glowing and firm with our Superheroes Discovery Set. The masks’ active ingredients come together to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin preventing and reversing the process of aging. 

What makes the set special?

  • A unique combination of peptides, holistic plant extracts, essential oils and floral waters
  • Seed-to-skin ingredients fresh from Cyprus organic fields
  • 51 plant bioactives
  • Vegan and organic certified ingredients
  • Sustainable package - cork, glass, wood, recycled paper

What is included? 

  1. Exploring the Secret Fountain mask grants deep hydration and nourishment through numerous antioxidants and hyaluronic gel extracted from prickly pear leaves. It also contains opuntia seed oil that softens wrinkles and transforms your face to look bright and healthy.
  2. Black Gold is a mask containing the best superfood your skin could ever wish for. In Cyprus, carob tree has been synonymous with black gold for centuries, as its regenerative properties have long been known. It also contains magnesium and vitamin B to activate your skin’s healing abilities and collagen production, while deeply nourishing it. 

When should I use it?

For perfect results, indulge in this home-spa ritual 1-2 times per week after the scrub Wash Away the Past.

Of course, you don't have to deny your face this experience while traveling. Our new format of  mini sets allows the “Superheroes” to fly with you and makes them special and valuable souvenirs.

Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and measures imposed by governments around the world, the shipping options are restricted temporarily affecting shipping destinations, prices and in some cases may also affect shipping times.


    The delivery cost for orders up to €100:  

    • Cyprus — 1-2 days — FREE
    • Netherlands — 6-8 days — FREE (a special limited offer)
    • Russia — 10-15 days — 7 euro
    • Belgium, Germany, Greece, Israel, UK — 4-8 days — 7 euro
    • Other European Union countries, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland — 4-8 days — 7 euro
    • USA — 7-14 days — 9 euro
    • United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia — 8-10 days — 9 euro
    • Canada, Hong Kong, Japan — 4-7 days — 19 euro
    • Ukraine, Kazakhstan — 10-15 days — 19 euro

    If your country is not listed here and you would like to be informed when we add it, please send us an email at

    Orders are dispatched in 1-2 working days.

    Shipping times may be affected by holiday periods, weather and other unexpected conditions.

    Please note that if your order is to be delivered outside the European Union, import duty and local sales taxes may be applied which you will need to pay on receipt of the shipment. These rules vary by country and your local government determines duty and customs charges.

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