About Kypwell Club

Welcome to Kypwell Club, a place for personalised holistic Mediterranean wellbeing experiences. We invite you to fully discover the unique Kypwell concept and Kypwell essentials, and find balance and harmony through the following specialised and results driven programmes, packages and services.

Based on the unique heritage of Cyprus' healing traditions, and the most advanced wellbeing theories and practices of today, we created a holistic approach to health and longevity. 

The three layers of life: the spirit, the soul, and the body. Each layer has distinct needs, and when we find a harmonious balance between them, we are able to stay calm, happy and focused on the essentials of life. 

One needs to empower the spirit in order to achieve the necessary energy to nourish the soul with harmonious and positive thoughts, calm feelings and the ability to form meaningful relationships. Through this the soul will nurture the body for optimal health and overall wellbeing.

We create our programmes and build our practises around the holistic Kypwell approach to health and longevity, which was built according to the unique natural healing traditions of Cyprus, coupled with the most advanced wellbeing theories and practices of today.

Clients looking for stand-alone treatments can choose from our a la carte menu or separate services, including a range of targeted face and body therapies, combination packages and expert consultations.

In order to have full access to the club facilities and group programmes, complimentary healthy snacks and drinks, exclusive club events and other benefits, we have also created various Kypwell Club membership programmes.
Our group programmes also include specialised Corporate and Travel Packages for travel agencies that organise wellness programmes, or corporations looking to promote wellness and team building amongst their employees.

Our team of specialists will develop a bespoke personal holistic wellbeing programme designed especially to meet the unique needs of each individual, helping them to discover just how much more active, healthy and happy life can really be.
The Kypwell Club facilities include:
- Indoor and outdoor fitness area
- Swimming pool
- Herbal garden
- Sitting area for healthy eating, networking or relaxing
- Sea view treatment rooms
- Practical workshop and seminar areas
Kypwell Club also offers the opportunity to attend specially organised wellbeing seminars or workshops, and explore, experience and purchase our wide range of holistic Kypwell products to complement our unique treatments.
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