"There is no denying that the Cypriot lifestyle is unique. We value the simple, yet important, essential elements of life. Spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying time outdoors appreciating the therapeutic power and beauty of the sea and the aromatic fields of herbs. Here in Cyprus we value the true wonders of natural wellbeing, as well as the importance of maintaining balance in our lives, with a constant focus on the essentials. I feel blessed to have been born and raised on this beautiful island and I want to share our unique Cypriot values with the rest of the world. This is the reason Inna and I decided to launch Kypwell."

Elena Elraie, Kypwell Co-founder.

"From the very first time I came to Cyprus to visit my university friend Elena, I could immediately see and feel, that the way of life here on the island was completely different and unique. In Cyprus, we call it "siga-siga", which means "slowly, slowly", in Greek. I think the modern world should also slow down, and return some of the focus back to the essentials of life just like the Cypriots do. After falling in love with the island lifestyle, the warm and welcoming local people, and the unique wellbeing philosophy, I decided to move here with my family. We have now been living in Cyprus for some years and I believe it is time for me to share this hidden treasure with others. This is why Elena and I decided to create Kypwell, to let others in on the wellbeing secrets of Kypros. (Cyprus in Greek)."

Inna Orlova, Kypwell Co-founder.