Kypwell is the premium wellbeing brand from Cyprus, providing natural holistic and high-performance skincare essentials, herbal teas as well as personalised wellbeing programmes and services at our exclusive Kypwell Club.


It is very easy to get lost in the expectations of others or spend your life either in a constant chase or feeling a disheartening sense of inertia. We believe that happiness is about balance. It is about being at ease with yourself, being conscious of your surroundings and giving back to the people you love.


Our mission is to inspire and enable people to lead natural, healthy lives. We do this by offering high-quality products, practices, and services, based on the locally grown herbs and unique lifestyle traditions of Cyprus. We believe that the key is focusing on what truly matters in life: family, friends, and health.


Entrepreneurial spirit, care, integrity

We value integrity and are committed to always staying true to who we are, both as people and as a company. We are dedicated to adding value to our society and to supporting the local industry and community. 10% of our profits are donated to social projects.


Natural, Holistic, Personalised and High-Performance
We approach cosmetics the same way we approach life - with a firmly established focus on the essentials and an inherent respect for nature. We believe that taking care of yourself should not come at a cost to your health or the health of others, which is why we work closely with an international team of expert cosmetologists, biochemists, herbalists, nutritionists and doctors, to develop our range of high-quality products, created using natural handpicked herbs, grown responsibly in organic fields and without any harmful additives.

Our Ingredients and Products
Our products are made using only the finest-quality natural ingredients and are free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils, GMO, PEGs, synthetic fragrances, colours, silicons, petrochemicals and harsh chemicals.

Our packaging is recyclable, simple and airless where possible. Airtight bottles are used to protect the product by preventing excessive exposure to air, thus increasing the product's lifespan.

Our herbs are grown at the optimal height - 700m above the sea level in Lacon Institute certified organic fields.

We combine unique holistic Cypriot herbal formulas with high-tech European ingredients to create highly-effective, personalised and targeted solutions.