Purifying therapy [ 1h 15m ]

Purifying and healing Face Wellness therapy that helps to rebalance oily skin and cleanse impurities while calming congested complexion. Combination of manual and machine techniques (High-frequency, LED therapy) as well as Ice therapy with Organic mask (therapy is personalised according to customer skin condition).  Vegan & Organic

60 euro

Moisturising Therapy  [ 1h 15 min ]

A powerful natural and organic ultra-hydrating Face Wellness therapy targeted to replenish the skin and regain suppleness. This therapy is a pure bliss for dry and dehydrated skin. Combination of manual and machine techniques.
Suitable during pregnancy. Vegan & Organic

65 euro

Eye Rejuvenating Therapy  [ 45 min ]

Unique eye treatment that targets signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. For the best results – a course of 4 treatments is required.

55 euro

Super Hydradermie Therapy  [ 1 h 30 min ]

This Face Wellness therapy is performed using a machine-based treatment with ionisation and high frequency to oxygenate and boost cell renewal. Designed for the face, eyes, neck and décolleté area. It’s a unique and effective treatment with visible results for a radiant and revitalised skin.

115 euro

Signature Age-defence Therapy [ 1 h 30 min ]

An intensive natural and organic Face Wellness therapy to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, consists of four stages:  deep cleansing to stimulate circulation and revitalise the skin,  machine stimulation according to skin condition, a unique face-sculpting massage, application of cold volcanic stones to tone the skin.

95 euro