Our Formulas

Created in the tranquil heat, clear air, fertile soil and siga-siga (slowly slowly) lifestyle of Cyprus, Kypwell®  (keepwell) wellbeing is a luxury skin and body collection that blends the best of nature - locally grown, hand picked and organically certified herbs - with the latest scientific, high performance ingredients.     

Kypwell worked with a team of experts in nature – biochemists, herbalists, nutritionists – as well as international cosmetologists and doctors to create the best of both worlds - a NaTruCeuticals®  collection of highly effective skincare, bodycare and Tisanes - luxury well-being for inside and out. 


Natural: Phyto-cosmetics and herbal teas, created using certified organically cultivated herbs, handmade in the laboratory.

With total control over the growth and production process, we source our ingredients from fields which have been officially certified as organic by LACON Institute, all our herbs have official BIO certifications to ensure they can be used as active organic ingredients for cosmetics, as well as herbal teas.

Using various tools to aid the cultivation and separation methods on site, our herbs are collected in the summer and then cleaned, dried and prepared to be used in our products throughout the year.

To guarantee product efficiency, only the top-quality herbs are selected, which are grown using the best bloomer as the mother plant. The mother plant is replicated by replanting its seeds by hand. Once the herbs have reached their optimal growth, they are handpicked and prepared for production. 

True: We avoid using ingredients that are linked to any health risks and all our perfumes are natural.

Our products do not contain any parabens, SLS, mineral oils, GMO, PEGs, or harsh chemicals.

All our skincare products are PETA Certified as vegan, cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Ceuticals: Our high-tech ingredients come from the best European laboratories, they have been clinically tested and have proven results. We enhance our holistic herbal formulas with innovative components to get natural healthy effect.


Unique Formulations

All of our products have multi-functional effects and they all work to rejuvenate, balance, purify and protect the skin from pollution and free radicals found in the urban atmosphere.

Our skincare is natural, holistic, personalised and high-performance, with each product made up of a unique formulation of the following elements:

  1. Between 25% – 50% high concentration of extracts from local certified organic herbs
  2. Between 15% - 30% distilled flower water from local certified organic herbs
  3. High-tech ingredients from leading European laboratories

Using a unique holistic mix of Cypriot herbs our blends contain a bespoke balance of 70% special extracts chosen to target specific issues, and 30% holistic extracts to balance and revitalise the skin.


Our products are truly unique

Top-quality herbs: we use only the best local certified organic herbs

Active ingredients: the average content of active substance is more than 30 per product

Ancient natural remedies: we use holistic Phyto-recipes of Cypriot monks

High-tech ingredients: we enhance our recipes with natural High-tech ingredients from leading European laboratories



    We understand that the condition of the skin can also be affected by geographical location, season change, ageing and diet amongst many other factors, so we have created a wide variety of different serums and elixirs to provide effective solutions based on your individual skin condition and desired skin goals.


    Our awards:  

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    Organic Herbal Teas - Tisanes

    The herbs used in our tisanes are certified organic and work in combination with the skincare to help strengthen the efficiency and the result. 

    Our organic herbal tisane collection is targeted for specific conditions:
    • KypSlim (herbal mix for weight control)
    • KypCalm (herbal mix for anxiety and stress relief)
    • KypClean (herbal mix for body detoxification and healthy skin)
    Why Our Herbal Tisanes Really Work…
    Starting with the correct cultivation of the herbs - which are grown organically and free of pesticides - harvesting takes place at exactly the right time of year, using the correct forms of transportation and the appropriate drying methods.

    Through these practices, we have managed to produce a range of organic herbal tisanes, which carry 100% of their therapeutic action.
    • The herbs we use are cleared of any other types of grass that may be collected during harvesting
    • Only the parts of the plant which are therapeutic are utilised as herbal ingredients
    • All tisanes contain the correct proportions of herbs
    • Tisanes contain only the best highly effective and medicinal herbs of Cyprus

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