Face Essentials


Three products that are essential for the care of all skin types.

Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam
Unique daily facial cleanser with phyto saponins, phyto polyphenols and flavonoids, acting as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory factors, enriched with herbs for holistic action.

Signature Flower Mist Toner
All natural herbal flower mist toner without preservatives. Enriched with herbs for environmental protection, revitalization and holistic action on the skin. Ideal for all skin types and safe for the eye area. Use after cleansing, or whenever skin needs refreshment, toning and vitality.

Deep & Regenerating Face Scrub
Deep phyto exfoliation with natural powders providing fast cell regeneration. Skin becomes clean, revived and soft. Apply using light circular movements and remove with warm water.