Hand Wellness Box

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The Hand Wellness Box contains the essentials needed to help keep hands safe and healthy, avoiding the effects of chemical hand sanitisers which make hands dry and flaky.

Triple Action Hand Cream: Enriched with moisturising and nourishing plant oils such as borage, avocado, jojoba oils and essential oils of lemon and mandarin. A holistic herbal blend that protects the hands from multiple toxic and chemical hazards. The powerful blend of plant glucose and xylitol provides the skin with a strong balanced hydration, leaving the skin soft and silky. 

Deep regenerating scrub: Consists of natural peeling powders from orange peel, apricot & almond kernels, as well as herbal extracts that gently remove dead skin cells and impurities. This scrub has 39 plant bioactives that help to activate cell renewal and skin healing.  

Pure Protection: Our new product Pure Protection is a natural & vegan hand sanitiser made with 62% grape alcohol and enhanced with essential oils for added antiseptic results and softer hands.