Silky Soft Hands Set

€45 €54


Luxurious nourishment and beauty – this box combines organic hand moisturiser to protect and strengthen fragile nails and nontoxic nail polish of your favourite colour as well as top coat an extremely strong grip and a glossy finish.

The set includes:


Triple Action Hand & Nail Cream

Powered by natural phyto proteins, vitamins and omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, this holistic herbal cream is designed to repair, moisturize and protect, strengthening fragile or damaged nails and prevent premature aging. Hands instantly become silky, soft and smooth.

Vegan Nail Polish

A toxic free nail polish is one that is not composed of ingredients that are harmful for the nail when absorbed by it. Suitable for kids, pregnant, breast-feeding.

Color: Apricot.

Top Coat Sun Dry

Special formulation that allows this Top Coat an extremely strong grip and a glossy finish. It dries in the sunlight without the use of UV light or with a UV lamp. The more the top coat will be exposed to the sunlight, the more it will harden.

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