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Doctor Ekaterina Vavilova
GP, Mammologist, Head of Vavilova  Medical Center Limassol, Cyprus
“It is nice to feel that we don’t apply anything toxic to our skin, but rather a product created by God or nature itself. The product I like the most is Kypwell Gentle cleansing foam. When I used it for the first time, it gave me such a delightful feeling, like I was in a field full of flowers. Such natural aromas, it felt like I was truly using natural ingredients”.


Constandia Demetriadou
PR & Media Expert, 
TV presenter

“I love the Kypwell brand, I love the Kypwell products. After using them, my skin is glowing, so radiant! With results like this, I will not hesitate to recommend Kypwell products to everybody else”.


Lusy Kondrashova
International Trainer
Therapist, Cosmetologist
“When I was introduced to Kypwell skincare, I was very happy by the total absence of aggressive chemicals, parabens and silicones. The whole range is amazing in terms of formulation. It contains unique ingredients that are based on plant extracts and various types of oils. This skincare is very result driven due to the numerous active ingredients.  I tried all of their products and liked them a lot, so I decided to start using them professionally, encouraging my clients to use Kypwell skincare at home as well”.



Alexia Karakanna
TV Presenter
“The Kypwell products are part of my life because I am not only interested in looking radiant but I am mainly interested in my health. These products are natural and plant based with organic ingredients, which gives me radiance and rejuvenation in a healthy way”.