Massages & Treatments in Kypwell Studios

Regular Exersise for your face? That’s right. But not only

Once the muscles become weak, the ageing process begins and skin starts to sag.

That’s where Face Wellness method makes its debut. A true Mediterranean secret to youthful face – combination of skin nutrition based on Mediterranean diet and medicinal herbs of Cyprus, face muscle training, skin therapies and holistic lifestyle

Face Wellness session designed to properly exercise your facial muscles and provide a stronger support structure, giving you healthier looking skin.

No it’s not a facial, it’s a workout and it’s happening around the world in California, New York, London, Moscow and now Cyprus.

This fast-growing concept is even advocated by celebrities including Cindy Crawford, Natalie Portman and Meghan Markle, helping to avoid unnatural, invasive methods for faking youthful skin, such as Botox or surgery.

With as little as one session per week, we can sculpt and tone our facial muscles to keep us looking young, using this long-term natural beauty solution.

Even the studio has been designed using biophilic principles, enhancing the efficiency of the face wellness programme, bringing you closer to nature and creating a sense of natural positivity.

If maintaining the healthiest, most beautiful glowing complexion, using natural techniques is important to you then you will want to sign up to make sure you are one of the first to try it in Cyprus.