Face Wellness at your home


Kypwell Face Wellness coach will start with face ageing diagnosis to create the best personalised natural face rejuvenation strategy. Then you will be taught a quick and effective way of natural face rejuvenation – skin nutrition approach, exercises for face and posture, sculpting and myofascial self-massage, the use of tools such as GuaSha, roller, tapes, etc

You will learn how to work with your muscles to remove hypertonus, relax muscle clamps, strengthen the mobility of the fascia, improve the angle of youth, work with wrinkles, define jaw line, improve posture.  

You will learn how to lift and sculpt your face, using unique techniques such as sculpting, myofascial massages and face and posture exercises.

Face Wellness session 45 minutes.

Our Face Wellness coach will answer all your questions and guide you through all the stages of natural face rejuvenation.

A link to the training session will be sent by email after the payment.


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