ULTIMATE CLEAN - Purifying & Healing Therapy [ 1h 15 min ]

Purifying and Healing Face Wellness therapy that helps to rebalance oily skin and cleanse impurities while calming congested complexion. Combination of manual and machine techniques (High-frequency, LED therapy) as well as Ice therapy with Organic mask (therapy is personalised according to customer skin condition).  Vegan & Organic

65 euro

HYDRADROP - Deep Hydration Therapy  [ 1h 15 min ]

A powerful natural and organic ultra-hydrating Face Wellness therapy targeted to replenish the skin and regain suppleness. This therapy is a pure bliss for dry and dehydrated skin. Combination of manual and machine techniques.
Suitable during pregnancy. Vegan & Organic

70 euro

ROYAL GLOW - Discoloration & Skin Revival Therapy  [ 1 h 15 min ]

A powerful, non-invasive Face Wellness therapy for blemished skin and deep skin disorders that are resistant to conventional skincare. An intense peeling treatment, which activates cellular renewal to reduce roughness, refine the texture of the skin and clarify the complexion.

75 euro

POWER LIFT Wrinkle Control Plant Stem Cell Therapy [ 1h 15 min ]

Plant stem cells and hyaluron therapy to instantly make facial contour feel firmer, expression lines smoother, refine the microstructure of the affected areas and thoroughly moisturise and plump them, leaving skin looking smoother and firmer.

80 euro

ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER - Healing Algae Therapy 

75 euro

LOOKING UP - Eye Rejuvenating Therapy  [ 45 min ]

Unique eye treatment that targets signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. For the best results – a course of 4 treatments is recommended.

55 euro

ANTIOXIDANT BOOSTER - Healing Algae Therapy [ 1 h ]

75 euro

RED CARPET - Luxury Anti-Age Therapy [ 1 h 30 min ]

110 euro

POWER LIFT - Wrinkle Control Plant Stem Cell Therapy [ 1 h ]

80 euro

SIGNATURE Youthful Therapy [ 1 h 30 min ]

An intensive natural and organic Face Wellness therapy to smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, consists of four stages:  deep cleansing to stimulate circulation and revitalise the skin,  machine stimulation according to skin condition, a unique face-sculpting massage, application of cold volcanic stones to tone the skin.

100 euro