Benefits of Mechanical Peeling Face Scrub

If your skin looks dull and lifeless although you cleanse it and moisturize it every day, have you thought that you might have been skipping one of the most important steps in your skincare routine?

Exfoliation is equally important to cleansing and moisturizing your skin, and is therefore good to know the types of skin exfoliation.

One is the mechanical exfoliation which is done in various ways including the use of a face scrub and the other one is the chemical exfoliation which is done by using AHA or BHA peels.

Choosing one or the other exfoliating method may depend on various factors such as your skin type, skin condition and even your personal preference for one or the other method of exfoliation.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of mechanical peeling face scrub and how the use of it can largely improve the appearance of your skin.

How Does A Mechanical Face Scrub Work?

The function of a mechanical face scrub is based on friction. Due to the grainy or gritty particles it contains, such as tiny grains of salt, sugar or almond and apricot kernels, it is able to remove the impurities that are gathered on the surface of the skin and polish its outer layer.

You can easily use a face scrub at home, but you need to choose a good quality product that is free of harsh chemicals which can potentially irritate your skin.

Also, keep in mind that mechanical scrubbing should be performed 1-2 times a week and should be avoided by people who have sensitive skin or skin with active acne.

Let´s now see in detail how a mechanical face scrub can benefit your skin.

5 Reasons Why a Mechanical Face Scrub Is Good for your Skin

  • Removes Dead Skin Cells and Other Impurities: You can´t see it, but the outer layer of your skin is like a leisure park for dead skin cells, excessive sebum, sweat, dirt, and atmospheric pollutants. If you leave them on, the skin will gradually start looking dull and acne breakouts or other blemishes will appear. By using a mechanical scrub, you keep your skin clean and healthy. You can also prevent the appearance of skin inflammation.
  • Prevents the Appearance of Blemishes: When you get rid of impurities and dead cells using a scrub, your skin will be more protected against the appearance of zits and other blemishes such as blackheads, whiteheads, and those tiny forehead bumps.
  • Tones the Skin: The friction applied when you are using a face scrub boosts microcirculation, and the result is a toned and fresh looking skin.
  • Glowing Complexion: When the pores are clean, then your skin has a natural healthy glow.
  • Soft and Smooth Skin: Another benefit of mechanical scrubbing is that by removing all the impurities from the surface, the skin becomes softer and smoother.


Kypwell Deep & Regenerating Face Scrub

Kypwell Deep & Regenerating Face Scrub is a mechanical scrub that combines effective exfoliating skin care ingredients with certified organic herbal extracts that are cultivated in the unique volcanic and rich soil of the sunny Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Natural and Certified Organic Vegan Formulation which is free of Chemical fillers and synthetic fragrance.

Special Benefits

This herbal scrub combines natural peeling agents from Apricot and Almond Kernels with natural clay powder Kaolin and a number of anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antiseptic ingredients to exfoliate the skin, balance oiliness and prevent inflammation.

Skin soothing and healing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Calendula and Chamomile prevent the skin from dryness. Provitamin B5 (Panthenol) boosts the skin repairing and moisturizing benefits of this formula while Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) enhances its antioxidant power.  

Directions To Use

Apply to clean dry skin and gently rub the skin in a circular motion with your fingertips. Avoid the sensitive area around your eyes. Rinse the face and pat it dry with a clean cotton towel. After peeling, always use a moisturizer to prevent dryness. 

Use 1-2 times a week. 


Not recommended for sensitive skin or for skin with active acne due to its grainy texture.

Avoid over-exfoliation because it can provoke irritation or dryness and make your skin more vulnerable to sunburn.

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