Eriphyle Award of Excellence for Kypwell co-founder

Kypwell co-founder and CEO Elena Elraie honoured with the Eriphyle Award of Excellence

On July 19, Kypwell co-founder and CEO Elena Elraie was honored with the Eriphyle Award of Excellence in the category Woman Start-up of the year.

The Eriphyle Award was established in 2016 by the Cyprus Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW Cyprus) and the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB), to acknowledge the extraordinary achievements of women in the business community and to nurture a new generation of woman entrepreneurs by shining the spotlight on role models that have set, pursued and achieved their goals.

The 2018 Eriphyle awards ceremony and gala dinner were held at the Royal Hall in Nicosia.  The guest list included distinguished members of the financial and business community, as well as political party officials and representatives of major organizations.

The President of BPW Cyprus, Mary Papadopoulou, in her opening speech explained the rationale behind the awards: “Our goal is not merely to reward business and professional women, but above all to nurture a new generation of bold woman entrepreneurs to the best of our abilities, by empowering them, by encouraging them, by actively supporting them, through our active support and through development actions, through initiatives that help them advance and connect with others.”

In her speech upon the receiving of the award, Elena Elraie thanked BPW and OEB for the great honor, her family for their continuous support and love, the Kypwell team and the Kypwell co-founder Inna Orlova with whom together they prove that two women, two friends are foundations for a successful partnership.