Face Sculpting Massage - Seminar and Treatments

Learn how to keep your face youthful, radiant and toned

About Face Sculpting
Face sculpting massage is a natural alternative to invasive and other controversial lifting methods.

The uniqueness of the massage is that the positive effect is not only shown on the skin surface but it goes deep into the muscles. Sculpting is a special massage technique, also called "non-surgical lifting”, in many respects the results are like a surgical facelift. The procedure allows the skin to tighten, strengthen the facial muscles and smooth wrinkles.

Regular practice of sculpting massage will restore the facial muscles and tissues to their previous length, shape and bring elasticity as well as trigger lymphatic drainage, activate the blood flow and reduce wrinkles.  

 The benefits of the face sculpting massage:

  • delay the ageing process
  • face lifting-effect
  • increases circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • disappearance of small wrinkles, under eye black circles & puffiness
  • get rid of double chin
  • pronounced facial contour
  • toned face and neck muscles
  • non-surgical or invasive treatment

Face sculptural massage is safe due to the fact that all the techniques used follow the physiology of human, without harmful and dangerous chemicals. This is a natural way for well-ageing - systematic and purposeful.

Master Trainer - Lyudmila Kondrashova 
  Facialist, cosmetologist, masseur, specialist in   sculptural and myofascial facial massages, international   trainer and consultant, has more than 13 years of   experience in the beauty industry. Through her studies   from different locations (Thailand, India, Russia, France   and Germany) she has mastered unique beauty & spa   therapies and oriental massage techniques, including   Thai massage, Reflexology, Shirodhara, Ayur Balancing, Abhyanga, Ayur Yogic, Ayurveda   Panchacarma massage, Chi Nei Tsang massage.

Since 2012 Lyudmila is an international trainer and consultant. She has trained cosmetologists and masseurs in the Spa centres of the largest hotels in the world, such as Hilton, Park Hyatt, and also leading beauty salons in Moscow.

Personal Treatments by the Master Trainer 
The individual course of sculpture facial massage consists of 8-10 treatments. It helps to restore a young clear oval, smooths wrinkles, eliminates swelling and makes skin more healthy and radiant.

Duration of each treatment is 2 hours and includes Youthful Hyaluronic Kypwell mask and one day pass at Kypwell Club to use the facilities including the swimming pool.

Book an appointment: +357 25105585 or at contact@kypwell.com

Price: 1 treatment 95 euro, 8 treatments 80 euro (each treatment), 10 treatments 75 euro (each treatment)


Practical Seminar on Face Sculpting Massage 
 Seminar on sculpting self-massage is an   opportunity to master the unique technique   of effective face lifting at home. At the   seminar you will learn the techniques of   working with face deep muscles and master the skills of performing sculpting exercises. It is the start of the internal rejuvenation process - from improving the posture to a radiant complexion.


11:00 - 12:30    THEORETICAL PART: what is Sculpture self-massage; mechanism of action; anatomy of the face and neck; massage techniques; complex of exercises for face and neck.
12:30 - 13:00    Break: Kypwell Herbal Organic Tea and healthy snacks
13:00 – 15:00    PRACTICAL PART: Practicing self-massage techniques and mini-demonstration
15:00 - 15:15    Questions & Answers


21.04.2018  (in Russian language)
28.04.2018 (in English language)

VENUE: Kypwell Club, 10 Atreidon, Yermasoyia, Limassol, Cyprus

Price: 120 Euro (100 euro with course massage package), includes manual for independent practice, a gift by Kypwell and one day pass at Kypwell Club to use the facilities including the swimming pool.

Book for the seminar in advance as places are limited (4-6 people).

For registration and information: call +357 25105585 or email contact@kypwell.com