How to Upcycle our Latest Packaging

One of the most exciting aspects of our new packaging is the cork casing which is made from 100% recycled cork. It can be recycled, but we find the idea of reusing the casking for small DIY projects.


Mini Plant Pot

Using cork as a mini plant pot is a trend you would normally find on With your leftover Kypwell product packaging, you can now make this yourself, using just soil and seeds.

Ideas for miniature plants to grow for your office space or coffee table include mini aloe vera, cactus or lucky bamboo.


You can use the casing for your actual Kypwell products when travelling or to store other small objects, protecting them from moisture and light. 

Stationary holder

The casing can be split into two, so you could also use both pieces as pen pots or other stationary holders.

DIY Candle 

As long as you cover the interior of the cork with a sealant to protect it from burning, you can use it as a base for homemade candles.


If you’ve already upcycled one of our casings, make sure you share your design with us and let us know if you have any other creative ideas.