Kypwell supports the Creative Women Conference

In May, Kypwell was proud to support one of the top international events for women in Cyprus.

The Creative Women Conference is a unique annual event held under the patronage of the First Lady of Cyprus. Women entrepreneurs from around the world come to Cyprus to share their authentic ways of balancing life and work.

Creative Women Conference

Besides interesting and well-organized presentations and panel discussions, women are invited to participate in everyday healthy activities, afternoon tea discussions, networking lunches and cosy evening gatherings. The Conference ends with beautiful Gala dinner and dance performance.

Such rich and intensive program allows the modern working woman to take a brake from a busy life and pause to enjoy herself and others in a unique Cypriot environment.

This kind of event that supports and empowers women aligns with the philosophy of Kypwell. This is why we chose to support the Creative Women Conference.
Each speaker received a welcome package with our authentic products and attendees had a chance to experience Kypwell essentials at our stand, within the 2 days of conference.

Kypwell supports the Creative Women Conference
We believe that unique women-focused events that allow busy modern women to share their values and take a break from every day life will provide great support not only to women but to their loved ones as such events provide relaxation and inspiration for the future.

We at Kypwell are always looking for different ways how to support the modern women!