Women's Health and Wellageing, at Kypwell Club

Kypwell was honoured to organise the practical seminar «Women's health and wellageing», which took place on 25th of November 2017 at Kypwell Club.

The seminar provided our guests with information on active longevity from leading experts from Cyprus and Russia.

Inna Orlova, Chairman of the Board of the Directors of Kypwell Corp Ltd, presented information on the latest trends in wellbeing and cancer prevention.

Olga Fedorova, PhD of Medical Sciences, professor of clinical pharmacology and consultant of international clinics, revealed how to correct the hormone level with diet and how hormonal changes affect the behavior and appearance of a woman throughout the life.

Professional Chef, author of the «Healthy Food» program and founder of the culinary school in Cyprus treated guests with healthy lunch, at the same time providing a master class on the ingredients benefits and other important elements of healthy eating.
Health Coach and sports nutritionist Anna Poletaeva described how metabolism is affected by biological clocks and how to motivate yourself to change your lifestyle.

At the end of the event Kypwell Club guests had the opportunity for complimentary body composition analysis consultation, and received gift bags with Christmas vouchers and natural organic hand creams.

Kypwell Club is happy for the great feedback received from the guests, such as below.

«Отличный клуб, интересные личности,полезно проведенное время, ценные советы для работы над собой для долголения. Спасибо!»
Наталья Горбунова

«Очень полезный семинар, обязателен к посещению.»
Олеся Никитина

«Жду новых встреч и новых интрересных лекций. ЗОЖ в массы.»
Александра Первомайская

«Высочайший уровень организации, интересный и информативный вечер в домашней обстановке.»
Ольга Катасонова