Your guide to the most popular diets in 2020 

For the last few years we have seen a lot of new nutrition theories coming out: keto, vegan, plant paradox, paleo, etc. It became so difficult to figure out what is the best one for you. Here is the easiest way to navigate in food theories:

  1. Ketogenic diet – carbohydrates elimination while increasing fats and proteins. Foods to eat: seafood, cheese, low carb vegetables, avocados, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, butter, oils. 
  2. Plant paradox diet – elimination of gluten, quinoa, goji berry, cow milk and dairy, tomatoes, aubergines, bell peppers, soya, potato, whole grains, legumes, most of the fruits. Foods to eat: seafood, meat, fish, eggs, goat dairy, greens, avocado, poultry, oils, millet, cabbage, mango, mushrooms.  
  3. Vegan diet – elimination of all animal proteins (fish, seafood, meat, eggs, dairy). 
  4. Paleo diet – elimination of cereal grains, legumes (peanuts, beans, lentils, tofu), refined sugar, processed foods, soda & sweetened beverages, refined vegetable oils, salt, artificial sweeteners. Sometimes dairy products are allowed. Foods to eat: meat, fish, seafood, oils, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits. 

At Kypwell we believe in balance and heritage which means that each person is so unique that there is no standard solution and that the best knowledge is the one proven in ancient times. How is the diet perceived here in Cyprus? 

Vegan lifestyle is a part of Cyprus heritage: since the establishment of Christianity on the island people have gone vegan several times a week and several times a year. The deep roots are not just spiritual, all religions practice fasting, but it is also very healthy, and what most doctors agree is that we need to let our bodies relax from animal-based proteins but not necessarily drop them. 

Detoxing body on a regular basis is the healthiest practice that we can embrace. Therefore, try to eliminate different types of foods to see what is making your system overloaded and what products should be out of your nutrition for a while. 

We recommend the Mediterranean diet in a combination with occasional vegan fasting. This means eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, dairy, lean meat, fish and seafood. But let your body relax from different types of foods occasionally, especially animal proteins, as this is proven scientifically correct for a healthy lifestyle

Vegan beauty is very similar in this sense: our skin consumes everything we apply on it and it’s easier to avoid feeding the skin with animal products than our bodies.  Animals today consume too much antibiotics and hormones, eat genetically modified foods. “We are what we eat” said Hippocratis, so when we eat the cow that was feed genetically modified corn, we eat the GMO corn. The same can be said about skin: it is what we eat. So, if we want to avoid extra toxins, we should definitely aim towards vegan beauty and lifestyle.