We go hand by hand with our clients and create simple and easy personalised program with healthy skin nutrition, face exercise and therapies to destress, recharge and achieve immediate but safe long-lasting results.

Easy way to get your plan

  1. Book your appointment at Kypwell Face Wellness Studio
  2. Visit Kypwell Studio in Limassol
  3. Face Wellness Coach will diagnose your genetic skin type, current skin & muscle condition, lifestyle. It will take 15 minutes
  4. You will receive your personalised Face Wellness Program
  5. Finally enjoy your Face Wellness Training!

Mediterranean Skin Nutrition Plan

Mediterranean nutrition in a bottle – our secret for youthful and healthy skin.
Famous Mediterranean longevity is based on the abundant sunshine and a diet rich in fresh, natural ingredients.

Face Wellness Exercise Plan

A unique muscle stimulation technique done in combination with plant bioactives skin nutrition & skin therapies for a natural true beauty solution.

Face Wellness Therapy Plan

By strengthening the muscles in and around the face as well as taking care of the skin we can maintain a healthy and youthful complexion in as safe natural



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    Kypwell Senior Coach