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Just as every face is unique, so too are the skincare and wellness needs of every individual.
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What to Expect

From the first contact, our Face Wellness experts will schedule a consultation using our unique FACE WELLNESS METHOD™, tailored to your specific needs.

1. Understanding Your Skincare and Wellness Needs

We'll delve into your skin type, concerns, and goals. Not only will we address your questions, but we'll also help bring your skincare and wellness dreams to life.

2. Customizing Your Routine

Identifying products and exercises that align with your skincare and wellness needs is critical. From the correct method of cleansing to the proper order of application, we'll create a personalized morning to night routine just for you.

3. Regular Check-ins

We'll consistently review your skincare and wellness routine over the year, providing seasonal advice and the latest innovations to enhance your results.


The FACE WELLNESS METHOD™ is your secret to natural rejuvenation, developed by our team to help you manifest your true beauty. It's a holistic and ecological approach to natural face rejuvenation without any injections or toxins, based on four pillars:

Mediterranean Skin Nutrition

Mediterranean nutrition in a bottle – our secret for youthful and healthy skin. Each Kypwell bottle contains Cyprus sun and nutritional gold. Apply your daily dose of skincare and drink your organic phyto tisane to enjoy the most holistic beauty solution for skin and body.

Our formulas are based on traditional therapies created by Cypriot monks who knew the secrets of mixing herbs, perfected by modern technology at our laboratory for remarkable results. We only use flower/herbal distillations in our formulas, and our herbal tisanes are made without any water at all.

Face Sculpting Massages & Therapies

Face Wellness Method™ is based on relaxing and balancing the state of facial muscles and nurturing skin with Mediterranean skin nutrition to stimulate collagen production and blood circulation, boost the lymphatic system and increase cell renewal as well as hydrate, balance and rejuvenate.

Face & Posture Trainings

We provide personalized face exercise systems that allow for the correction of the position of the neck, shoulders, and head to support a face lift. Prevention of posture disorders is one of the most important aspects of face youth.

Destress Techniques

Emotional muscle balance is the key to natural face rejuvenation. Our coaches will support you in your path to destress & recharge and will teach you how to preserve your true beauty in a natural and safe way.


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We're passionate about skincare and wellness perfection and want you to feel the same. Our Face Wellness team is here to help you achieve the results you're seeking.