FACE WELLNESS METHOD® – your secret to natural youthfulness

The Face Wellness method teaches you natural face rejuvenation without using any toxins and injectives or surgical measures.  A combination of face sculpting massage based on the Mediterranean, South African and Asian heritage using hands and special devices & Mediterranean skin nutrition will bring safe & long-lasting results. Face Wellness method is based on 3 pillars:

Mediterranean skin nutrition

Finest organic and vegan ingredients from Cyprus

Mediterranean nutrition in a bottle is a healthy dose of organic medicinal herbs, vegetables, nuts, oils, grains and fruits. We grow our medicinal herbs and plants at 700 metres above sea level—the optimal height for growing herbs —in fields certified BIO organic by the renowned Lacon institute. The rich volcanic soils of Cyprus and over 300 days of sunshine a year guarantee unrivalled potency for plant bioactives that, together with impeccably sourced high-tech ingredients, make our vegan skin therapies and tisanes so powerfully nourishing & rejuvenating. 

Face Sculpting massage & therapy

Face ages faster than body but most of the time people tend to forget about face, however face represents over 40 muscles and the aging process begins when these muscles are not stimulated, blocked and the skin begins to sag, thus the overall facial aging is being observed. By strengthening the muscles in and around the face as well as taking care of the skin we can maintain a healthy and youthful complexion in as safe natural way.

Face Wellness method is based on stimulating facial muscles and nurturing skin with Mediterranean skin nutrition to stimulate blood circulation and collagen production, boost the lymphatic system and increase cell renewal as well as hydrate, balance and rejuvenate.

Destress techniques

Emotional muscle balance is the key to natural face rejuvenation. To keep our face young, we need to care for our body and mental wellbeing.  Correct posture, weight and stress control are all important aspects of Face Wellness.  Our Coaches will support you in your path to destress & recharge and will teach you how to preserve your true beauty in natural and safe way.