Dermatone is super-sculpting device that helps treating deep skin layers, stimulating neuro-receptors, blood vessels and muscles, which reduces the depth of wrinkles, giving face beautiful shape and definition. Recommended course 6-10 treatments. To erase specific wrinkles BMS targeted device can be added.    


Dermatone is done as a 15 min add on to the basic Face Wellness Training.  The treatment starts with a warm up - vibration cleansing, personalised serum with roller, continues with 15 min hand sculpting massage and electric/vibration muscle stimulation which is followed by the Dermatone add on. 



I am totally in love with this treatment, its amazing that you can really enjoy such strong rejuvenating treatment and relax. Such a huge difference to painful and uncomfortable injections. 


Glorious, lavish. A must from here on for me! It was exceptional!


10 signs that you need it: 

  • signs of first aging 
  • fine lines
  • deep wrinkles 
  • stiff face muscles 
  • stress 
  • water retention in face area
  • sagging skin
  • dull skin 
  • want to shape jaw line 
  • reduce fatty layers in lower part of face 


 1 session 80 euro
4 sessions (corse with 7% discount) 298 euro
6 sessions (corse with 10% discount)
432 euro
8 sessions (corse with 15% discount)
544 euro