Mediterranean nutrition in a bottle – our secret for youthful and healthy skin is a healthy dose of Mediterranean skin nutrition: medicinal herbs, vegetables, nuts, oils, grains and fruits. People from the Mediterranean tend to live long and happy lives due to abundant sunshine and a diet rich in fresh, natural ingredients. Each Kypwell bottle contains Cyprus sun and nutritional gold. Apply your daily dose of skincare and drink your organic phyto tisane to enjoy the most holistic beauty solution for skin and body. 

Green chemistry focused on results 

Our formulas are based on the traditional therapies created by Cypriot monks who knew the secrets of mixing herbs and perfected by modern technology at our laboratory for remarkable results. 

Medicinal herbs from Cyprus are among the most potent in the world due to the unique conditions in which they grow, volcanic soil with very clean air and plentiful sunshine to power photosynthesis. The strength of any herb is determined by the concentration of essential oils. Below is a very characteristic example of how one herb's strength differs depending on where it grows. 

Our products are produced according to ‘green chemistry’ principles that aim also to minimize water consumption. We only use flower/herbal distillations in our formulas and our herbal tisanes are made without any water at all. 


Our formulation philosophy 

Less is more: 

Quality is more important than quantity. Your skin doesn't need lots of products, it needs the best ones. That's why our solutions are results-driven, microbiome friendly and designed to help boost your body's natural ability to produce youth-enhancing substances such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. It's you at your best. 

Three pillars: 

Each Kypwell product contains Mediterranean nutrition and an average of 30 plant bioactive ingredients (60%) per product and all our skincare is based on three 'pillars' or principles: 

  1. PROTECT from environmental pollution, toxins and other 'aggressors';
  2. PREVENT premature aging;
  3. NOURISH skin and body with Mediterranean nutrition. 


We believe in healthy beauty; we don’t use any controversial or dubious ingredients such as parabens, SLS, PEG, DNA extracts etc. Our products are certified vegan, cruelty free, EWG and Bio by LACON.


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