Kypwell was founded by two long-time university friends, Elena Elraie and Inna Orlova. Their common love of Cyprus, its calm lifestyle and unique approach to wellbeing, diverse nature and traditional values inspired them to create an authentically Cypriot wellbeing brand with the mission to inspire and enable people to lead natural, healthy lives. “We offer high-quality products and services, based on the locally grown organic herbs and unique wellbeing traditions of Cyprus. We believe that the key to active longevity is focusing on what truly matters in life: family, friends, and health.”




Anastasia Goncharova - Chief Operational Oficer, International client account manager.



Afroditi Kourouzidou - Kypwell Head therapist, Face Wellness Coach, Spa therapist, beautition, Kypwell international trainer. Over 20 years experience in Spa, Wellness and Beauty industry. 

Svetlana Sotskova -  Kypwell Senior therapist, Face Wellness coach, cosmetologist, beautician and Spa therapist, Kypwell international trainer.  

Eleonora Deviataikina - Kypwell Senior therapist, Face Wellness coach, сertified specialist in myofascial massages, sculpting face massages, bukal massages, face and body therapies. Has over 10 years experience and worked in prestigious sailing of Moscow and had private practice in Paris.  

Marilena Pitta - Kypwell Senior therapist, Face Wellness coach, beautician and Spa therapist. Marilena has over 20 years of extensive experience in beauty and Spa services. Marilena is cerified therapist for Indean Head massage, Rejeuvination facial massages, Reflexology and Face Wellness Method™ by Kypwell.  Marilena has joined Kypwell team as Head Therapist for Nicosia Face Wellness Studio. 

Vladimir Papakydys - Kypwell Senior therapist, certified physiotherapist member of Cypriot Physiotherapist Union (CPU) and official member of Greek Physiotherapist Union (PSF). Vladimir has over 20 years of experience in physiotherapy including extensive medical experience providing physio respiratory treatments. Skills - orthopedic, neurological, respiratory, rehabilitation and neuromuscular physiotherapy. Focuses on - sport physiotherapy and rehabilitation, body alignment, sports massage.  Has over 10 years of experience in exclusive, luxury hotels in Cyprus as a Spa supervisor, therapist and trainer.