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KypClean Organic Herbal Tea with Cleavers, the Detox Herb.  Specialized blend of herbs from organic certified cultivations that can help in body detoxification and healthy skin.

Organic Herbal Tea that can help in body detoxification and maintaining healthy skin. It is made from a specialized blend of herbs from organic certified cultivations, such as Cleavers, which is a strong Detox Herb. This herb has the ability to eliminate toxins from the body, and is also a great remedy for acne and other skin conditions.


  • Activates the body's natural detoxification system
  • Improves liver function, helps to protect and restore
  • Normalizes the gastrointestinal tract
  • Regulates water-salt metabolism and the kidneys
  • Normalizes metabolism
  • Cleanses blood vessels and improves blood circulation
  • Improves the lymph drainage
  • Helps restore intestinal flora
  • Antioxidant protecting the body from ageing

  • Our herbs are from local organic cultivations in Cyprus. With 300 days of sunshine a year, clean atmosphere and highly-fertile volcanic soil, Cyprus is the ideal place to grow top quality herbs and plants.


    Suggested For:

    For those that need help to cleanse the body from toxic waste and to maintain healthy skin. Recommended for Acne.
    Consult your doctor in case of any medical condition, breastfeeding or pregnant.

    Therapist's tips

    Use up to one teaspoon of herbs per cup. Infuse for 10 minutes and strain using a fine strainer. For best results drink 3 to 5 cups a day. Can be taken hot or cold.

    Main Active Ingredients


    Nettle is has a high concentration of natural vitamins: It contains quantities of ascorbic acid and carotene that are more than most fruits and vegetables. It is rich in vitamins C, E and B as well as iron, magnesium, copper and calcium. Nettle contains silica and organic acids, which have tonic properties: it increases the body's resistance to many bacteria, toxins, harmful effects of radiation, strengthens the immune system, and also provides a high degree of protection of the body from oxygen deficiency. Improving the total flow of all energy processes, nettle has a
    stimulating effect on carbohydrate and protein metabolism.


    Cleavers is a strong detox herb, diuretic, lymph tonic and regulator of the gastrointestinal tract. Effective in skin diseases, particularly in inflammations, rashes and acne. It helps purify the blood and provides the body with antioxidants. Effective in the treatment of the lymphatic system, reducing the swelling of the lymph nodes. With its diuretic action it helps to eliminate water retention, dissolves stones in the kidneys and bladder, effective in urinary tract infections.

    All ingredients

    Fennel Seeds*
    Milk Thistle*
    Olive Leaves*
    *Certified Organic Cultivations

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