Are women allowed to age?

Beauty at any cost has become the main philosophy for modern women. Sacrificing their health, women are injecting toxins, placing dangerous threads that stimulate fibrosis, suffer face operations and difficulty with recovery, trying to change lips, eyes, noses and jaws at any cost.

Unfortunately, in modern society women are not allowed to age and in order to be considered beautiful, they are expected to be forever 21.

Take a look at the article by - young girls in their 20s are becoming fascinated by toxic Botox injections.

Interestingly enough, when women desire beautiful bodies, they think of healthy diets and exercise routines, however, whenever they think of youthful face - first thoughts that come to mind are Botox, fillers, threads, machines and other controversial and dangerous methods. How did it happen? Who placed such false ideas into women’s minds? The answer is definitely the cosmetic industry and cosmetologists.

Beauty industry is in crisis.

Modern consumers are becoming more educated about skincare ingredients than cosmetologists, they are not convinced by the idea that peptide serum will make them youthful. And this is when separation begins. Instead of honest proposal to work with face just like we work with our bodies: diet, sports, massages, we are offered fast, radical and lazy solutions. Instead of massaging and relaxing muscles naturally, we are tricked into Botox injection and fillers. What do they really do to our bodies besides harm? They help us fake our looks with dangerous consequences. But the worst news is that they don’t work in the long run and they increase toxins in our bodies.

While healthy lifestyle ‘trend’ is a great beginning but without changing the attitude towards beauty and age, it will just remain a short term trend.

5 myths about rejuvenation:

  1. Wrinkles happen due to loss of collagen (wrinkles are connected with many causes mostly with muscle hypertension and mimics)

  2. Threads will not harm your face (threads create fibrosis and are not healthy)

  3. Fillers will stay in the place where they were first injected (fillers move around the face)

  4. Botox is a natural ingredient made from mushroom (Botulinum toxin is a protein-based neurotoxin produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. The strongest organic poison known to science of organic toxins and one of the most toxic substances).

  5. Massages can’t rejuvenate the face (sculpting and myofascial massages stimulates muscles and fascia to work as a natural Botox effect. They truly help rejuvenate face in a natural & healthy way)