What’s that magical fascia that everyone is talking about?

What is it?

Myofascial massage is a special massage technique through fascial release, when pressure is applied to fascia rather than skin or muscles. It guarantees effective, non-invasive and safe rejuvenation for your face as well as long-term benefits for the rest of the body. 



Fascia are tissues that permeate the entire organism, coating every muscle, nerve ending, joint, bone and organ. Our body performs best when fascia is elastic, flexible, strong and resilient.



Why do it?

So, by focusing on our face and neck muscles through fascia you can completely replace circular face lifts, as it leaves you with a perfect face oval, bright elastic skin and no wrinkles.

Some of its beneficial “side effects” include:

  • reduced headaches due to stress
  • reduced tension or poor blood circulation in your head and neck
  • faster flow of lymph and easier excretion of toxins


“Myofascial massage is a part of the larger system of holistic natural rejuvenation. It works especially well with other massages that we offer at Kypwell Face Wellness Studio such as our Signature Sculpting Massage that works with your skin AND your muscles".
Inna Orlova, Kypwell cofounder


Who needs it?

Start seeking natural paths to rejuvenation if you notice the first signs of premature ageing:
  • wrinkles
  • skin losing its brightness and elasticity
  • lowered eyebrows
  • deformed eyelids
  • nasolabial folds
  • sagging cheeks
  • face changing its shape


Face-aging Consultation & Myofascial massage
first visit:
1h 30 min
€75 and package only