Face injections vs. capillaries stimulation

Why do our capillaries play a crucial role in face ageing? 

Back in school and university we were taught that our circulatory system is operated by the heart and consists of veins, arteries and capillaries. Although we rarely think of it in the context of beauty, we really should. 

What is your capillaries’ function? 

Simply put, veins and arteries CARRY our blood, while capillaries are the only ones to NOURISH / FEED the tissues.

Our skin relies on perfect circulation. Blood nourishes and detoxicates, maintains our pH balance and stabilises our body temperature. So while its impact on us is literally much deeper than just good skin, it’s impossible for our face to look young and beautiful if our circulation system ages and loses its effectiveness.  However the older we get, the tougher our capillaries become, so our face does not get all the nutrition it requires. 

What exactly does this mean?

Blood that carries all the nutrients that your cells require can no longer get to them, as there simply isn't enough room for it to flow freely in the narrowed vessels. As a result, the vitamins and food supplements you take struggle to reach your skin and thus become a waste of your energy and money. 

The founder of Kypwell, Inna Orlova confirms: "Unfortunately, injections or anti-ageing creams will not help as our bodies are created in such a way that only our own internal resources can bring real effect.  Botox, fillers, and threads not only harm our organism by releasing  dangerous toxins into our body, but they also destroy its potential to heal itself."

How can I tell if my skin does not get enough nutrition? 

All living things need to be nurtured to thrive, and suffer when they’re not. If your cells starve they are likely to become less efficient and eventually die. Overtime, dead cells increase in number and such ‘out-of-order’ tissues expand. As we age, so do our capillaries. 

Face, therefore, loses its healthy look, brightness, youthfulness and even changes its shape. Some of the most common outcomes for our face include deep wrinkles, stiff face muscles, dull or sagging skin and fatty layers in its lower part. 

What can I do to delay & stop this process? 

Thankfully, there is a solution! There are a few steps that can help us maintain healthy capillaries. 

  1. Face fitness - special face exercises can help us maintain the good quality of capillaries. 
  2. Face massage - there are great massage techniques to keep capillaries healthy. 
  3. Vibration therapy - Russian scientists closely examined the wellbeing of capillaries and developed a special BMS (Biomechanical Stimulation) device. It’s principle is based on vibration technology that helps to clean capillaries. BMS is also excellent for face sculpting as it offers deep treatment of all skin layers, stimulates neuro-receptors, blood vessels and muscles, as a result reducing the depth of wrinkles, shaping and defining the face.
  4. Healthy nutrition - vitamins A, B, C, K     
  • A (carrots, fish, broccoli, cheese, apricots, melon);
  • B (milk, eggs, herring fish);
  • C (citruses, cabbage, tomatoes, greens);
  • K (olive oil, cucumbers, asparagus).

The most important point to remember is that we have to feed our skin both from inside and outside. This is known as the principle of  holistic skin nourishment.

How can you nourish your skin from inside? 

Make sure your natural cocktail of micronutrients manages to get where it needs to be. And this will only happen thanks to improved blood flow.