Face-care and men: why is this relationship absolutely vital?

The beauty industry for men can by no means compete with the one for females. Most women’s multi-step beauty routine consists of quality products that they consciously pick out, whereas some still settle for a 3-in-1 shampoo and soap for face-wash, though society has generally “allowed” men to engage in beauty rituals with no stigma around it. Luckily, change is coming very soon.

The global beauty market is valued at $532 billion but, sadly, men only contribute to 1% of all that. In North America, brands have been marketing skincare products for men quite successfully in the past few years, however such success seems difficult elsewhere. Hopefully, the sociologists who estimate that by 2027 men’s beauty market will expand by 36% will prove correct. 

What has been preventing men from adequately protecting their health and beauty?

Younger people who are more exposed to social media internalised the idea of self-care and the ideal of healthy skin with the images they see online every day along with movies, advertisements and real life. While peer pressure can push a teenager towards improving his skin, the same peer pressure often stops men from doing so. 

Just a decade ago, it was unthinkable to most men to purchase and use face-wash, serum or moisturiser as market statistics showed. On the more radical side, some even felt that it was a challenge to their masculinity in its traditional sense. Somehow, some associate beauty practices with femininity and by extension fragility that men seemed to avoid at all costs. 

What are some of the challenges that men face? 

Although men’s skin is different from that of women in some capacity, they can face problems due to similar factors. Pollution, low quality of food, stress, hormonal changes with age and bad habits seriously affect people’s health and men with their skin are no exception. Even more so, daily grooming rituals like shaving complicate their routine. If the skin is not properly moisturised after it, dryness and irritation is hard to avoid.

What are the resulting skin imperfections?

Blemishes are a surprisingly common issue for those who fail to cleanse and moisturise skin correctly. They can include pimples, blackheads and acne scars as a result of excessive oil and bacteria in the pores. Often, such problems begin with puberty but may remain on grown men’s faces if not treated right.

Can this get more serious? 

Yes, it can. The sun is a major source of radiation that can not only lead to regular sunburns but long-term skin damage and possibly skin cancer. Polls reveal that men are more likely to neglect quality SPF products, which leads to actinic keratosis, (rough and scaly bumps that appear on the skin after sun damage) that can be an early warning of cancer. 

Similarly, sun along with other factors like dry skin may lead to premature wrinkles that modern men are just as concerned about as women are. 

Inna Orlova, the founder of Kypwell suggests another risk: “Nowadays, stress as a lifestyle is common for both men and women, leading to spasms of chewing muscles (musculi masticatorii), which not only make people look older but can also lead to some major health issues.”

What can the solutions be?

“Men need both a personalised skincare routine based on natural products as well as regular myofascial face massages to release tension in the face muscles. This is a perfect way for men to look younger by way of aesthetics and, most crucially, reduce their stress levels and retain their health.”

Giving this innovation a try would be a perfect Father’s Day treat for any man who cares about his appearance and vitality. Kypwell studio in Limassol offers a special 2+1 price for all Kypwell products and massages.  

Like always, solutions lie in a holistic approach to beauty, where face massage can enhance the cumulative effect of a carefully selected beauty routine consisting of natural cleansing, moisturising, regenerating and protecting products.

So, just like their wives, sisters and daughters, men need to take care of their skin in a balanced and thoughtful way, something that our experts at Kypwell can easily guide them through. 

As you can see, beauty is health and health is beauty for all genders and ages. Men’s relationship with skincare could be difficult in the past, so it is indeed refreshing to see that more and more men are now interested in investing in themselves by focusing on both.