BE OK. Skincare for Gen Z

What do teens themselves want?


Generation Z (or simply Gen Z’s) are now teenagers who are definitely unique in many ways.

Today, most people, young and old, live in the centre of attention, in front of mirrors and cameras and in a rapid stream of information coming from different media. It is in everyone’s nature to desire looking healthy and attractive, which makes natural beauty a lasting trend.

However, this can also be fuelled by advertisements of big corporations, social media, photoshop in magazines and diet culture that can often breed toxic mindsets and unattainable beauty standards. Modern teens will have none of that.

As beauty markets expand, society learns to value transparency of brands, their business philosophy and social relevance. Instead of blindly chasing modern beauty standards or trusting marketing, Gen Z consciously read into how a product is made, what it is made of and to what extent its producer complies with the sustainable development agenda.

Here, at BEOK we use our Instagram blog @beok_cy not only to show you our product of which we are immeasurably proud, but also help to spread awareness about conscious choices in consumption and promote mindfulness along with active lifestyle. This extends our mission from taking care of teenagers’ skin to a more general philosophy of clean beauty and mindful living.

Why do they need their own skincare products?

Adult beauty products are often unsuitable for young skin because the results people chase at different ages are different.

From the earliest days of adolescence, most face a range of problems and challenges: an ever-changing spectrum of emotions, changing hormone levels and stress coming from social and school life. As for Gen Zs today, they are vulnerable to even more issues due to unbalanced eating, sedentary lifestyle, irregular circadian rhythms, blue light from digital devices and more recently a global pandemic forcing everyone to adapt!

All this contributes to the most common skin issues young people have: blocked pores, black spots, excess skin oil in the t-zone and dry skin on the chin and cheeks. Such problems are associated with young skin, so their solutions need to be specially designed for teens.

Whether those problems are apparent or not, young people need to use a different sort of skincare: not something that simply masks skin imperfections or has a short term effect only, but something that will both work to solve their skin problems and prevent them in the future.

Another issue is that not all products out there in the beauty market are safe to use. Advertisements can be largely misleading, while the ingredient lists can be at the very least questionable.

Parents who are faced with the task of gently guiding their teenager through the process of choosing their first skincare routine should be concerned first and foremost with what the label conceals. Parabens, SLS and artificial colorants are just some of the harmful substances found in some beauty products that can hurt teenagers’ vulnerable and sensitive skin.

Why is BEOK perfect for Gen Z’s?

The key to flawless skin is not in immediate solutions but in systematic self-care that we should all learn from a young age. BEOK products are designed as a routine that every teenager can follow for accumulated results that will become visible in just one month of use. The set contains three products to cleanse, moisturise and soothe their skin, which are proven to be a simple but effective recipe for a naturally beautiful and healthy face.

Our organic products combine natural and vegan ingredients to create innovative formulas that prevent irritation and inflammation and contain no ingredients that could be aggressive on teens’ skin.

Last but surely not least, BEOK values sustainability. All our packaging is made of sugar cane, a carbon neutral material that is also 100% recyclable. What is more, our PETA Cruelty Free label certifies that our products are not tested on animals and are reliably and genuinely vegan.