Why do you need sunscreen now even more than in summer?

UV radiation – the ultraviolet rays from the sun, not only influence skin cells ageing but can cause some indirect damage to cells' DNA. UVA rays have long-term skin damage such as wrinkles and dull skin with pigmentation but they are also thought to play a great role in some skin cancers.   

The ultraviolet rays strike the Earth's atmosphere throughout the year.  However in spring the sun angle in Cyprus is high and more UV rays are reaching the ground and the skin.  During early April, for example, the sun is as strong as early September. By the middle of April, the sun is as strong as late August.  In summer people psychologically understand that sunscreen is important, however spring is still a cool season and it’s easy to underestimate the potential danger, this is why you need your sunscreen now even more than in summer

Do you know what is the status of your TYR, IRF4 and MC1R genes responsible for your photo ageing? The problem is that if your genes are prone to ageing from the sun you need to protect your skin much more than just a regular sunscreen. This also means that you need to have regular facials that protect you from pigmentation.  At Kypwell we offer a special treatment for dull skin with pigmentation Royal Glow, ask your therapist to consult you on your ageing type and if you want to know your genes status ask our Studio manager for a Beauty Genetic test at Kypwell.