5 Dimensions in Designing Your Home Spa

At the time of pandemic we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of luxurious & relaxing Spa treatments. The level of unconscious stress is so high that we need to decrease and control it, although one might say that it is not noticeable. However it is here, as we have been in a state of uncertainty for almost a year now. 

Even though the hotels might be closed, that doesn't mean we can't recreate the relaxing experience at our homes. And the price tag for this kind of leisure will be a pleasant surprise. 

The easiest place to turn into a Home Spa is our bathroom, but there are few steps we need to take in order to make it perfect and luxurious. 

When creating a Home Spa, we should consider the following 5 Dimensions: 

The Smell – aromatherapy is an amazing anti-stress technique. We recommend to use diffuser with essential oils. 

Perfect anti-stress mix: 

- 3 drops of Bergamot

- 2 drops of Frankincense

- 2 drops of Lavender

The Light - since ancient times different cultures have understood the power of colour. In order to deeply relax, get yourself a lamp with a bulb that changes colours. It can also be your aroma diffuser. Add soya candles, and your bathroom is almost turned into a luxury Spa.  

The Sound – hearing pleasant sounds is very relaxing, although avoid melancholic music that brings memories. Choose the sound of sea, birds, dolphins, air flow in the herbal fields instead. Enjoy eastern yoga music also. Great way to relax would be a meditation application which you can switch on while in the hot tub. 

The Touch – relax in the herbal tea bath using body scrub DELICIOUS GLOW and herbal tea bags. It is essential to make yourself feel good about yourself and your body. After the bath nourish your body with oil DIVINE or cream SPRING BLOSSOMS

The Taste – while laying in the hot tub with beautiful candlelight and breathing bergamot, lavender and frankincense aromas, enjoy a cup of organic herbal tea KypCalm. Listen to meditations or the sounds of nature, relax, breath in, and let go. 

Feel the relaxation and joy of dedicating time to yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy the moment and heal your mind and body at your Home Spa using your 5 senses.