Body Gua Sha: Everything you need to know

Have you found yourself dreaming of firmer skin without cellulite, water retention? We might have the solution for you! The answer is Body Gua Sha! Have you heard about it? If you haven’t, then let us introduce you to the most sought-after self-care technique!

We absolutely love using Gua Sha – whether on our face or our body, the results can be quite amazing, and you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home, or with a professional who can also walk you through the steps and further benefits.

What is Gua Sha?

You may be wondering what it is and where it came from. It is derived from an ancient natural therapy, which was traditionally used in Chinese Medicine. Often made of jade, and with a flat rounded shape, it is literally translated as: gua means press or stroke, and sha refers to a rash or redness.

Benefits of using Body Gua Sha

The benefits of  Body  Gua Sha, if incorporated into your daily body routine, are water reduction,  lymphatic drainage, and improved skin elasticity.

By following the practice of Body  Gua Sha, it works to reduce any energy blockages (known as qi or chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine.) When you reduce energy blockages, you consequently relieve aches and stiffness across your body.

Body Gua Sha Methods & Warnings

Even though  Gua Sha is mostly known to be used on the face, it is a great tool for the body! An important thing to note, is that it should NEVER be done on dry skin – an oil (for the face) or an emulsion and oil (for the body) should always be used while practising Gua Sha.

Body Gua Sha is slightly different to facial Gua Sha, as it requires longer strokes and a deeper pressure to be applied. Also Gua Sha tools come in different shapes and sizes, so for BodyGua Sha, it is recommended to use a bigger sized tool.  

Be advised that Body Gua Sha can cause slight bruising due to the pressure applied, causing blood capillaries to burst.  

Do it yourself at home

Find below some easy steps to use Gua Sha in the relaxation of your home. Please check our tutorials for facial Gua Sha on Instagram, and stay tuned for a great Body Gua Sha Tutorial soon.

  • Apply an  emulsion or oil to clean skin, to allow the Body Gua Sha tool to move smoothly over your skin
  • Hold the tool flat on your skin, and then use the curved side to work it over your skin.
  • Make sure that you are making long and firm strokes in only one direction and never back and forward. It is important to move in an upward direction.
  • You can control the pressure of the strokes, and if you feel that you are doing it wrong or you are experiencing pain – then stop!

During our Super Sculpt Anti- Cellulite Therapy, in our Face Wellness Studio, ask your Kypwell coach to teach you how to properly use body Gua Sha at home. 

Introduction to Kypwell Discovery Sets

We have created the perfect Discovery Set to integrate the Body  Gua Sha practice into your daily or weekly routine.  Our Super Sculpt Discovery Set is certainly one of a kind and the perfect introduction into the practice. It includes a Rose Quartz Body Gua Sha, which is a perfect anti cellulite treatment, which when used correctly, helps to reduce water retention, encourage lymphatic drainage, and improve skin elasticity.

What is inside our Discovery Sets

Specially formulated Super Sculpt Firming emulsion, made of 32 plan bioactives including lemon, orange, and grapefruit essential oils. 

Vegan Fruit and Nut Body Scrub, which can be used before you start your at-home Body  Gua Sha. With its natural powders of orange peel, apricot and almond kernels, you can be sure to enjoy the natural Mediterranean aromas, while at the same time being satisfied with silky smooth skin.

Given that we encourage our customers to practise a holistic approach to beauty and wellness,  our Super Sculpt Discovery Set also includes our one of a kind KypSlim Tea, made of Lemon Verbena, to help your slimming journey from within your body.

How often Should you use Body Gua Sha?

Do you brush your teeth twice a day? Do you end your day with a movie or TV show that you can relax to? Well then you can easily incorporate Body Gua Sha into your life.  Body Gua Sha is simple, and only requires two small items – an emulsion or oil and a big sized Gua Sha Tool. Plus, there is zero electricity or charging required!

Ideally for optimal results, you should practise Body Gua Sha in the evening before you go to sleep, in order to reduce tension in your muscles after a long day. Go ahead and get scraping!

Will you be incorporating Body Gua Sha into your wellness routine? We would love to invite you for a consultation online or in our Face Wellness Studio, so that we can teach you  more about the best practice and techniques, in order to kickstart your journey into the magical benefits of Gua Sha.