‘Maskne’: How to reduce & prevent acne from using face masks?

Maskne! Have you heard of it? It’s a REAL thing! And due to Covid 19, it is becoming increasingly more common. Everyone wants to do their part by stopping the spread of Covid 19, and one of the most suggested solutions by doctors to prevent the spread, is by wearing masks in all public closed spaces (and of course constantly washing our hands.)

Masks have now become a part of our life, and unfortunately so has the so-called “Maskne” (mask + acne).

The problem with wearing masks for long periods of time, is that it causes you to sweat and for facial oil to build up on our skin. This can often lead to irritations, acne breakouts and other skin issues.

So, what causes” Maskne”?

Maskne often happens when a mask that is worn for extended periods of time, rubs against our skin causing micro-tears, and therefore allowing easier entry for bacteria and dirt to clog up our pores. Add to this the moist and hot environment that is created in the mask from breathing, which causes your face to sweat and be a breeding ground for acne!

Your pores end up getting clogged, especially if you don’t wash your face properly at the end of the day or use a new mask frequently. 

We at Kypwell can’t stay away from these problems, as we want to help you celebrate YOUR beauty. So here are some tips for how best to prevent ‘Maskne’ from developing and what you can do, to keep ‘Maskne’ away 

Keep your face protected 

By keeping your skin protected, you create a barrier against the skin and the mask. This in turn reduces friction and irritation – therefore reducing the chances of  developing ‘Maskne’.

Try using a Sunscreens in the day time, as they are simply the perfect protection & barrier not only against UVA and  UVB rays and blue light but also against bacteria development under the masks.   It is always recommended that a sunscreen containing non-nano Zinc oxide is used. This is because it is not  absorbed into the skin, nor is it irritating

Go Make up free or use the right products

Either way, wearing make up all day can clog up your pores, but wearing make-up all day WITH a mask on top, can cause even more damage to your pores. Therefore, increasing irritation and the risk of ‘Maskne’.

Try and allow your skin to breathe as much as possible, by skipping the make up each morning (either way your lower half of your face is covered!). And if you really can’t handle skipping the make up- consider replacing it with a natural and organic make up. 

Keep an eye on our website and at our Face Wellness Studio, for an exciting launch of a great new makeup product. 

Clean your face thoroughly at the end of the day

It is highly recommended that you cleanse  your face at the end of every day, as it removes all impurities and helps to unclog your pores. 

Have you tried our Kypwell Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam? It is a MUST have, as it gently removes all impurities and helps to balance oiliness, while hydrating and repairing your skin. It is a unique combination of holistic plant extracts, essential oils and 17 plant bioactives including acacia and Melissa.

End up your evening face cleaning routine with our Kypwell All Clear Ahead Botanical Acne Serum, which will help regulate your sebum production, while at the same time help to reduce irritation. A perfect blend of holistic plant extracts direct from the organic fields of Cyprus, with bioactives including echinacea and thyme.

Use a new mask daily every 3 to 5 hours

Since masks are a common thing now, make sure you are changing them every 3 to 5 hours.! For less chance of developing ‘Maskne’, we suggest using a cotton or washable silk mask, in order to reduce friction on your face and irritation. Cotton is also more breathable, so helps the flow of oxygen within the mask area. 

It is important to wash the masks frequently, in order to remove the sweat and bacteria that build up throughout the day. 

Consider changing your diet

Try and remove all dairy and high glycemic food such as chocolate and sugar, ice cream. By removing the dairy, you remove the hormones contained in it that leads to inflammation and in turn – acne. In changing up your diet, to adding more nutritious fruits and vegetables for example, it in turn leads to an improved and strengthened immune system. Something that will be extremely important with the incoming autumn and winter season, whereby with it comes the flu season too. 

Visit your Face Wellness Coach

Book a Purifying Face Wellness therapy at Kypwell Studio in Limassol or have an online consultation with our Face Wellness coach 

To limit the risk of developing ‘Maskne’ we suggest having a regular facial every 6 weeks, to make sure your face is professional cleaned and rid of any impurities that can develop over time. Why not try Our Signature Purifying Face Wellness Therapy, it may be just what your skin needs to help calm it and give it a fresh start. 

Our Purifying and Healing Face Wellness therapy helps to rebalance oily skin and cleanse impurities, while calming a congested complexion. We use a combination of manual and machine techniques, such as ultrasound, high-frequency, and LED therapy. 

Use a Clay Mask at Home

We offer various at home face masks but one of the most effective in Acne fighting is the  Happy Clay Botanical Detox Mask.

We created this astonishing at home mask, with natural clay powders and anti-inflammatory, antibacterial plant extracts which are combined to absorb excess sebum, remove dead skin cells, and eliminate skin impurities for oily and acne-prone skin. 

For best results, put it on at night time once you have cleansed your face, and also when you have a bit of time to enjoy the tightening effect, and feel as if you are in our Face Wellness Studio. 

We hope these tips have been helpful, and we look forward to welcoming you in our Face Wellness Studio or online, or even having a talk about the new products that you need in your life.