Your Face Needs Good Food and Exercise too

Spending so much time at home, you would think that our skincare routines would be on point. However, the reality is that many women are not wearing as much makeup as they used to and are often slacking on their day and night rituals.

Even when you’re not removing makeup, it’s essential for you to uphold a steady skincare regime.

Cleansing your face

Staying at home means a lot of laying down and the dust and dirt which is collected from our pillows and sofas are then directed to our face, which is why cleansing should be the fundamental part of your skincare routine, whatever situation you’re in.

Feed it with nutrients

What is equally important is to feed your face with the right nutrients, so using a good moisturiser and serum should still be part of your day and night routine.

DIY spa

If you’re used to going to the spa every week or so, then don’t deprive yourself of this at home. You can still perform some basic techniques like scrubbing and using a face mask once or twice a week will make sure that your face stays fresh and beautiful.

Exercise the muscles

Facial exercises can help to properly workout those facial muscles, providing a stronger support structure and enabling healthier-looking, glowing skin using natural techniques. At Kypwell Spa we have our own Face Wellness sessions designed to do just that, which is now also available for you to do at home, using our Face Wellness Training Kit. You can pre-order your Face Wellness Training Kit here.

The bottom line is, if you’re not depriving your body of obtaining the right nutrients and exercise, then you shouldn't be doing it to your face.