Everyone needs some Mediterranean Goodness in their life

One of the most popular islands within the Mediterranean sea is our very own, Cyprus.

With its wealth of beaches to beautiful mountains and natural countryside, Cyprus is the ideal location to visit any time during the year.

The cuisine and lifestyle add on to the list of reasons. With so many fresh local ingredients, herbs, 300 days of sunshine a year and welcoming people, Cyprus has become a home-away-from-home for many tourists.

Our brand, Kypwell was actually inspired and formed out of our love for Cyprus and the need for natural skincare and personalised wellbeing services.

There have been over 1,900 different plant species recorded in Cyprus to date and more than 140 of these are unique to and can only be found in Cyprus, giving us numerous combinations of ingredients to mix and match to create the ideal wellness products. The herbs and spices of Cyprus are so popular that they are even exported worldwide.

Based on these locally grown herbs and the unique wellbeing traditions of Cyprus, we were able to turn our passion into a reality, building the Kypwell ethos, philosophy and values around the Mediterranean goodness of this island.

You could even say that we captured the Mediterranean in a bottle.

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