#StayHome with Kypwell

Looks like a lot of us will be spending time at home for a while, either working from home or taking time off, making ours and our family's health and wellness a priority.

This can be a great time to self-reflect and take care of ourselves, so we’ve made a list of what you can do when stuck at home to stay active and healthy.

Give your face some love

When we’re not running errands or spending time outdoors, we’re limiting our skin to natural light exposure causing a vitamin D deficiency. A simple fix is to moisturise your face daily with our MOUNTAIN SPRING, a nourishing cream packed with essential fatty acids, peptides, vitamins and bioactives making sure you don’t lose that natural glow.

Write it down

How many times have you thought of keeping a journal or diary to take note of thoughts and goals but couldn’t seem to find the time? Well, there’s no excuse now. Spend 10 minutes a day writing down whatever comes to mind. This could include what you're grateful for, how you’re planning on reaching your goals or even eating plans. It’s always fun to have something to look back on and see what state of mind you were in.

Exercise those muscles

Your facial muscles, that is. If you’re keeping up with Kypwell then you’ll know all about our Face Wellness studio which is designed to workout your facial muscles, using our techniques to sculpt and tone the face naturally. Facial exercises can also be done at home, so if you’re interested in finding out how, watch this space for updates.

Use what you have 

If you’re not planning on going outside anytime soon, then you’ll have to start using what you have at home. We’ve followed an upcycling approach to our newest packaging, so if you already purchased one of our products, find out what you can do with our packaging here: "How to Upcycle our Latest Packaging"

Follow a Mediterranean diet

Our brand was actually inspired and formed out of our love for Cyprus and the Mediterranean lifestyle. Research has shown that those who follow a Mediterranean diet tend to live healthier lives. While there is no single definition of what the Mediterranean diet consists of, it mainly focuses on fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, potatoes, nuts, spices and olive oil.

We recommend a quinoa bowl filled with your favorite vegetables and spices.

Give yourself a treatment

You may not be able to visit our spa for a while, but we’d love to  show you what you can do at home, by yourself. An easy one would be to start with our Deep & Regenerating Face Scrub which gently removes dead skin cells and impurities while soothing and brightening skin complexion. Then top it off with our award winning ETERNAL YOUTH,  designed to rejuvenate, nourish and firm the skin.

Experiment with teas

Staying hydrated can be a challenge for some, but an easy way to make sure you're drinking enough fluids is to introduce teas into your routine. Depending on the blend, tea can help in body detoxification and weight control and you can even spice them up by adding your favourite fruit and herbs into the mix. We’ve formed our own 3 tea blends; KypCalm, KypClean and KypOrganic, each designed to help you with your goals, which you can buy online here

If you manage to get through our list of things to do whilst at home, we’d love to share more with you. Make sure you follow us on Instagram for daily wellness inspo or sign up to our newsletter, using the form at the bottom of our website, to receive news and updates.