The whole truth about facial training


Over forty. That is the correct number of muscles on our face, and unfortunately, we mostly neglect them, but did you know that our face ages faster than our body? We really need to work those muscles just like we work our body muscles not counting on injections, and plastic surgeries. We are so used to the idea that good nutrition and exercise are the essentials for a fit body but actually exactly those two are the essentials for our face!  

Working out strengthens the face muscles, increases circulation and promotes cell renewal.  And our face has over 40 micro muscles that can be built just like our body muscles. 

So why do so many of us prefer solutions like Botox?  Probably because it’s so easy and fast.  We at Kypwell coach a lot of women on Face Wellness and we have to be honest with you there are quite a few complications connected with fast solutions - these procedures can cause side effects, allergic reactions and very often even face deformation. Did you know that lately film directors refuse to work with actresses that have botox? The reason is that their faces don’t show impressions, they just don’t move. The trendy beauty today is the healthy beauty. 

Regular face and body exercise, good nutrition for face and body this is a perfect routine of a modern woman who loves herself and is forward-thinking enough to take care of herself now and enjoy the result even after many years.

Our fears stop us from starting something new and unknown. Below you will find the 2 most common questions women ask about Face Wellness training: 

Will Face Wellness training cause wrinkles?

  • Muscle stimulating massage can only help to improve muscle and skin tone and texture. Massage activates cell regeneration which gives your skin overall brightness and radiance. 
  • Massage stimulating massage increases the production of collagen, responsible for providing elasticity and strength to the epidermis. Boosting collagen will leave your skin looking firmer and more youthful. 

If you stop Face Wellness training, will the muscles become flabbier?

  • The muscles will go to their original state, but not worse.   
  • The muscles will atrophy (get smaller), and will appear smaller.

Can I get acne from Face Wellness training?

  • If your skin is prone to acne your coach will choose a different skin nutrition for you and different face massage technique so your oiliness decreases and acne calms and disappears with the correct cure.  

Maria Damalis, Head of Kypwell Wellness & Spa shared with us the top 3 movements for home muscle training:

  1. Fingertip rolling - start with this movement to get the blood circulation moving. This helps the products to penetrate deeper into the skin and also boosts oxygen supply. Open fingers and keep them firm, using fingertips work in an upward motion, one hand flowing after the other in a fast motion. Start on the neck and work around the entire face.  
  2. Knuckling - This movement energizes the muscle, keeping them toned. Also, deeply relaxing and easing tension. Concentrating on larger muscle groups. Using firm, stronger rotating movements.  Working the neck area, cheeks (zygomatic muscle), and forehead.  
  3. Lifting fingertips - This movement is to focus on specific wrinkles or prevention of them. Using both hands, take 2 fingers and alternate with short lifting, upward movements. Start on the smile lines, under the cheekbones, around the eyes, and under the eyebrow lifting towards the hairline.

Check out the video tutorial for TOP-3 movements on our Instagram.

Regular Face Wellness training at home with special Face Wellness kits can help you to really strengthen your face muscles making the face look radiant, healthier, and youthful.