The Team Wellness & Spa Club

Tatiana Metaxa 

After living in Cyprus for more than 22 years, I feel like I’ve truly ingrained myself in the Cypriot culture and lifestyle, so it’s no surprise that life has led me to this unique Cypriot company. My love for Cyprus, Mediterranean nature and an organic lifestyle is shared by Kypwell core philosophy.

Furthermore, I am especially proud of being a part of a women-led business, as I truly believe in women’s power, wisdom and professionalism.

During my MBA studies, I have always dreamed of working in a company with like-minded and highly qualified people, so here I am, starting a new chapter of my life with a dream team.

Vladimir Papakidis

Vladimir is a certified physiotherapist, Member of Cypriot Physiotherapist Union (CPU) and official Member of Greek Physiotherapist Union (PSF).

Vladimir has graduated from Technological Educational University Of Athens, School Of Health & Welfare Professions, Department Of Physiotherapy and has extensive medical experience providing physio respiratory treatments for patients from orthopaedic, neurological, respiratory, tumour & cancer departments. 

Skills: Orthopedic, Neurological, Respiratory, Rehabilitation & Neuromuscular Physiotherapy, Sport Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Body alignment, Sports Massage, Myotherapy, Manual Therapy, Reflexology, Myofascial Acupressure.
Ironman and triathlon consultant coach.

Vladimir has over 10 years of experience in exclusive luxury hotels in Cyprus Anassa & Amara as a Spa supervisor, therapist and trainer. Named as the employee of the year Vladimir has worked with many celebrities like Sir Paul McCartney & his wife Nancy, Viacheslav Butusov, Til Schweiger, Nobu Matsuhisa. Condé Nast Traveller mentioned Vladimir in its evaluation as “the most consistent high performer”, who “works wonders with sports injuries, spinal alignments, torn tendons and all sorts of aches and pains. People come back time and time again for his rehabilitation therapies and thorough massages..”

✅ Physiotherapy treatments
✅ Sports Massage
✅ K-Active Kinesio Taping 
✅ Manual Therapy
✅ Shiatsu
✅ Swedish massage
✅ Hot Stones Massage
✅ Reflexology
✅ Craniotherapy
✅ Tibetian Massage
✅ Acupressure Points
✅ Lymphatic Drainage Massage
✅ Detox Massage

Vladimir participates in Triathlon, Iron Man. Fluent in Russian, Greek and English.


Elena Winter
Massage/ Ayurveda specialist 
Elena has 10 years of experience in massage and Ayurveda consultation and therapy. Elena graduated from AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE KERALA INDIA with qualification Ayurvedic & Panchakarma massage specialist. Also Elena studied at the School of Professional massage “Efloran” in Israel and BEAUTY AND BUSINESS SCHOOL GLORIS in Latvia, Elena completed medical cross-taping course.
✅ Ayurvedic Detox therapy
✅ Ayurvedic Relaxation therapy
✅ Pelvic correction with cross taping
✅ Bioenergetic massage therapy
Ausra Eisfelfd
Certified physiotherapist/Massage specialist 
Ausra is a physiotherapist with over 20 years of extensive experience in medical massage, manual lymph drainage, post injury rehabilitation, trigger point massage and connective tissue massage. 
Ausra graduated from Medical University in Kaunas/Lithuania in 2001 with physiotherapy Diploma. In 2012 she graduated as state-certified physiotherapist in Germany/Hamburg. 

From 2009 - 2019 Ausra had extensive work experience in:- Asklepios Clinic in Hamburg (orthopaedics / surgery) - Alsterdorf Clinic (internal medicine)- BUKH (Clinic for Paraplegics)- BUKH (neurology / brain-skull trauma)- Ritz Practice (Paediatrics / Gynaecology / Orthopaedics) - Practice "Rose" Hamburg (orthopaedics / surgery)- RHZ Hammoniabad (orthopaedics / surgery)-Physiotherapist in practice "Rettig" Seevetal/Hamburg-Own physiotherapy practice in Hamburg

✅ Physiotherapy 
✅ Post injury rehabilitation 
✅ Personalised fitness programs development 
✅ Classic massage
✅ Back Pain Massage
✅ Connective tissue massage 
✅ Trigger point therapy
✅ Honey massage
✅ Pelvic floor gymnastics 
Afroditi Kourouzidou
  • Kypwell Head therapist, Face Wellness Coach. Over 20 years experience in Spa, Wellness and Beauty industry.
  • Certified specialist in shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, cupping, aromatherapy, therapeutic, deep tissue, cellulite massages, Kypwell Face Wellness sculpting massages.
  • Makeup & nail artist. Worked for celebrity salons and luxury hotel Spa in Greece and Cyprus.


Svetlana Sotskova

  • Kypwell Senior therapist, Face Wellness coach, cosmetologist, beautician and Spa therapist.
  • Certified specialist in beaty advanced technology and machine-based treatments, face and body Spa therapies and aromatherapy.  
  • Svetlana has medical education and over 10 years of experience in luxury Beauty salons such as DESSANGE, Calille Alban in Moscow and Aphrodite Hills Retreat Spa, Kypwell Wellness & Spa in Cyprus.



Anna Bielecka

  • Kypwell Senior therapist, Face Wellness coach, beautician and Spa therapist. Graduated from Burton and South Derbyshire College in UK as beauty therapist, Anna has extensive experience in beauty and Spa services.  
  • Anna worked at the most prestigious Spa in UK - Champneys Springs Health Resort for over 10 years.  
  • After relocating to Cyprus Anna has joined Kypwell team to provide exceptional face and body Spa therapies, beauty services and Face Wellness coaching.

Eleonora Deviataikina

Kypwell Senior therapist, Face wellness Coach.

Certified specialist in miofascial massage, sculpting face massages, buccal massages, face and body therapies. Has over 10 years experience an worked in prestigious sailing of Moscow an d had private practice in Paris.