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Oriental Massages:

Chinees Bioenergetic Massage (electric muscle stimulation)

50 min - 130 Euro

Thai Full Body Massage (clothes provided)

60 min - 120 Euro

Thai Foot Massage

30 min - 80 Euro

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage                                                                             

60 min - 120 Euro

Bamboo Massage

60 min - 120 Euro

Ayurvedic Head Massage

30 min - 80 Euro

 Ayurveda Journey (relaxing full body massage with oil and singing bowls)

1.15 min - 135 Euro

Ayurvedic Detox Consultation with personalised program development

2h - 170 Euro


S T O N E B A T H - Volcanic Sauna  (15 min – 25 Euro)

A room temperature between 50° and 70° Celsius makes the Stonebath a gentle sauna. It is ideal for people who react sensitively to high temperatures and also for children and older people.

K R A X E N O F E N -  Herbal Room (15 min – 25 Euro)

The Kraxenofen hay bath is a well-established tradition from the Alps. When the guest is seated, heat rises through the hay pads and the essence of alpine hay spreads its scent from behind the comfortable heated seats, with the herbal mist softly stroking and relaxing the back. 

Physical and Mental Effect - The characteristic essence is released from the essential oils (coumarin) in the hay and has a soothing and invigorating effect whilst unblocking the respiratory passages in a miraculous way.  Ideal Before any Massage As it gently warms up the back and neck muscles.

S N O W B L I S S  (Included in Heat Experience) 

The SnowBliss is a shower with real snow.  The SnowBliss is a unique cooling experience with snow, after a Sauna or Steambath treatment. The effect is an extraordinarily refreshing feeling you can rarely find in nature – quite simply at the press of a button, at any time of year.
A snowstorm can be experienced as a shower with snow, wind, sound and lightning or a regular snowfall shower.

The SnowBliss produces particularly 'soft' snow, which does not only cool off the skin when being applied but also exfoliates it gently. Due to the coldness the blood vessels which had been enlarged by the previous heat quickly contract. So the game between heat and cold acts as effective vessel training and additionally promotes the removal of waste products.
The blood circulation is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened and the skin is tightened.